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  • Refresh Club Apex★Do not start making health and physical fitness.

■Machine gym, -Machine Gym-

  • Machines with high fat burning effect are in harmony, "Guests can use for free"

■studio, -Studio-

  • Enhancement of aerobics as well as programs

Application Guidelines

  • ●You will be required to submit a written consent on health status during the procedure.●Membership 16 years and over
    ●The monthly membership fee (monthly payment) will be charged to the bank.(Pre-payment only for the first time for two months)
    ●There is no holiday system
    ■Other fee:Visitor fee ... ¥ 2000(tax excluded)
             Rental Supplies / T-shirts·Shorts·shoes·Large and small towels 300 yen each(tax excluded)
             4 point set 1,000 yen(tax excluded)
  • ●One ticket can be used up to one person.
  • ■Required for enrollment procedures

    ① Bank·Delivery sign of post office

    Membership fee will be automatically withdrawn from the account except for the first two months.
    27th (Bank fixed holiday is the next business day) will be the withdrawal date of membership fee.

    ② Things that know the account number

    Passbook / cash card etc.

    ③ Membership fee
    ④ Monthly dues for 2 months
    ⑤ medical certificate (only for those who need it)

    Those who are currently in the hospital, those who have suffered major injuries or illnesses in the past are necessary.

    ⑥ Things that can be proved

    Driver's license · insurance card etc.