【Official】Utazu Grand Hotel

Welcome to the Utazu Grand Hotel.

■■■About correspondence to new coronavirus■■■

Thank you for your patronage of this hotel.
As measures to prevent the transmission of the new coronavirus at our hotel, we will promptly take action based on the information of the administrative organization and in accordance with the instructions of the administrative organization and jurisdictional health centers.

At present, the spread of new coronavirus infections in Japan continues, and there is no sign of ending at present.For this reason, even in hotels, employees may wear masks to serve customers in consideration of the health of guests and employees.
Please understand.

■■■Participating in GoTo Travel Campaign■■■


You can get discount coupons for GoTo travel campaigns by making a reservation from our website.Please see the lower part of this page for issuing procedures.

Recommended points

  • Recommended! 6 points

    It is approximately five minutes by car from JR Utazu Station, and approximately seven minutes by car from Sakaide-kita IC.
    This hotel Seto Ohashi in central Shin-Utazu City, Kagawa Prefecture.

     point 1 Includes a free ticket at the annex facility "Iyashi no Sato Sarai Shite"
     point 2 Overlooking the Seto Ohashi from the sea side room and overlooking the city area from the mountain side
     point 3 Sauna, With a bath, There is a public bath
     point 4 30 seconds walk to convenience stores, plenty of restaurants and noodle shops
     point 5 All rooms free wired LAN, wi-fi available
     point 6 Fully equipped free parking space, medium and large cars also parkable, 24 hours in and out

    We will support you for your stay with our homely hospitality.
  • Efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

    Based on the information of the administrative agency, we can prevent infection by new coronavirus at our hotel.
    We will take prompt action according to the instructions of the administrative agency and the public health center.
    Alcoholic disinfectants are available at various locations within the hotel.
    In addition, we will strengthen alcohol disinfection in areas where customers often touch,
    We are working to improve the environment so that you can use the hotel with peace of mind.
    For your health and safety, as well as public health, our staff wear masks.
    Please understand that doors and windows may be opened regularly in public spaces to enhance ventilation in the facility.

Room Information

Hotel homemade☆Boasting handmade morning set

  • ★Reviews 4.5★It is a popular morning set

    For breakfast the morning sunshine descends
    We are preparing from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM at 1F, 珈 琲Café, "Bidan".
    It is a set menu of western food bread.
    We bake the bread of local famous bakery one by one inside the shop.

    Guests who make reservations with no meal plan can also make breakfast on that day.

Large Communal Bath·Refreshing hot water

  • sauna·With a bath

    2F, The public bath (separate for men and women) is equipped with sauna and water bath.
    Please extend your arms and legs at a large public bath and relax and enjoy the tiredness of the day.
    Aqua system is ongoing with clean, antibacterial and deodorant effect.Please heal your tiredness of the day.

    ★Opening Hours: AM 6: 00 to AM 9: 00 / PM 3: 00 to PM 12: 00
    ★Amenity goods
     Male, : Hair tonic·Hair liquid·Emulsion·Swab
     Female, : cleansing·Toner·Emulsion·Swab
     Both girls: Body soap, shampoo and conditioner

    Annex "Healing village, sweet potato" is a hot bathing facility made with the theme of "health · healing".
    We have distributed free bathing tickets (with non-eligible plan available) to our guests.

3F training gym

  • 3F training gym

    Business hours 15:00 to 21:00
    Only for hotel guests.
    Please bring your own sportswear and shoes.
    Rental shoes are also available.

    From a hygienic point of view, we ask for regular ventilation, alcohol disinfection before and after use, and wearing a mask in the gym.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

Staying in New Udon Prefecture, Kagawa Discount 

  • Staying in New Udon Prefecture, Kagawa Discount 

    Up to 50% discount on travel and accommodation (up to 5,000 yen / person, for day trips up to 5,000 yen / person) and souvenir shops, restaurants, tourist facilities, etc. for people living in Kagawa prefecture This is a campaign to distribute "New Kagawa Discount Coupons" for a maximum of 2,000 yen that can be used.

    Please let us know at check-in.
    In addition, you will be asked to show something that can prove that you live in Kagawa prefecture (driver's license, etc.).


Google Map

Hotel Name

Utazu Grand Hotel


22-1 Hamasambancho, Utazu Town, Ayauta County, Kagawa Prefecture

Telephone number



10 minutes by car from Sakaide IC, 6 minutes by car from Sakaide-kita IC. 5 minutes by car from JR Utazu Station.

We will respond to consultation concerning the transfer of groups (more than 20 people).Please contact us.
Surrounding Area·Access ⇒

February 2020 SiTV service started!

  • Mirroring,Youtube...Full of functions other than VOD!

    ◆Video theater browsing function(VOD)◆
    300 titles(100 general titles of Western and Japanese movies,200 titles for adults)
    You can enjoy major content and HD-quality content with peace of mind.

    ◆Smartphone interlocking function◆
    Smartphone screen on room TV!  First in the industry,Android,Supports both ios mirroring!
    The mirroring function allows you to enjoy your photos, videos, music, etc. by projecting your smartphone or tablet screen on the big screen of the TV.

    ◆Youtube ・ TV function◆
    You can watch YouTube on the big screen of the guest room TV!

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.