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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Free bicycle rental

    It is common to have trouble with traveling methods on your journey.
    Driving by car in places where there is no habit of land (@ △ @)
    And I Continue reading
  • Introduction of amenity equipped!

    【Amenity provided in the room】
    Bath towel, face towel, nightgown, toothbrush, razor, cotton swab, conditioner, shampoo, body soap, brewed teContinue reading
  • Information on breakfast☆

    Breakfast at our hotel will be Western morning prepared at the first floor Café.
    Sakura fluffy toast with local famous bakery bread
    Salad wiContinue reading
  • Certified as a station of Kagawa children☆

    Traveling with children is anything tough! When choosing a place to stay, Mama is of course not only relaxed with the atmosphere and the priContinue reading
  • I would like a large Japanese-style room on the upper floors.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but our Japanese-style rooms are only on the 4th and 5th floors.
    In addition, the size of the room is deContinue reading
  • Is the Japanese-style room non-smoking?

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but all of our Japanese-style rooms are smoking rooms.
    Please understand in advance.
  • What time is check-in / check-out? What?

    Check in time is 15 o'clock, check out time is 11 o'clock the next morning.
    However, depending on the room conditions, check-in may be availContinue reading
  • Information on children's charges

    【Information on children's charges】

    Elementary school student or more · same as adult
    Less than elementary school students · · · · · · · · Continue reading
  • Long term continuous accommodation·Group necessities essentials! Coin laundry!

     Guests staying for a long time - Groups such as soccer and training camps such as athletics There is time to say that they want to laundry Continue reading
  • Free bathing ticket for hot bath facility for hotel guests☆

    A “Iyashi no Sato” Sarai that heals the body and heart in various baths such as an open-air bath, a hot spring, and a mist sauna.
    We will gContinue reading
  • Fish and local sake in Setouchi! ◆Seafood tea house, Takumi Isso◆

    It is 6 minutes by car from hotel.It is a shop that you can feel free to use from family to business.
    There are counter seats, box seats, anContinue reading
  • Information on the Café"Coffee Bidan" in this facility!

    On the first floor hotel Coffee Bidan, the lobby Café of the colonnade to the second floor. It is popular with customers that the building fContinue reading
  • Question (3) Can I use the Internet?

     It seems that there are many people who can not give away personal computers to business trip destinations and travel destinations.
     EspeciContinue reading
  • Parking lot is free☆

    The hotel faces Odori, it is about 30 minutes by car to Takamatsu / Kotohira, which is convenient for access.
    What is worrisome like that atContinue reading
  • Trouser presses are available for rent☆

    Of course businessmen will also care about their grooming.
    It is impossible to wear a suit of sweet suit to the good point of yourself .. (.Continue reading
  • There is an ice making machine☆

    For those who like sake, it is necessary to drink whiskey · shochu ice after all.
    For that person, we installed one ice maker in 5F, 7F, 9F.Continue reading
  • Room with good view if you want ...

    This hotel is located near the Setonaikai.
    So it is a view of the Setonaikai from the sea side room! In addition, the Royal room is a cornerContinue reading
  • Meeting room for meeting◆◆◆

    When you are staying in a group like a company or a campaign expedition · elementary school / junior high school soccer club etc,
     ★★I want Continue reading
  • Information on the large public bath in the facility

    Recently, there are many places where there is a public bath in the business hotel.
    Utazu Grand Hotel has a large public bath and sauna onContinue reading
  • Non-smoking·Information on smoking rooms

    In our hotel we have a non-smoking floor, so if you wish to make a non-smoking room, we will arrange it if you mention it in the remarks colContinue reading
  • There is Japanese style room.★★★It's okay with a small child★★

    You will be traveling with your family during long holidays such as Golden Week, Summer Vacation, Spring Break.
    In such a case, when there aContinue reading
  • Access method from Takamatsu Airport

    For people coming to Kagawa by plane☆
    If you go to Sakaide, it is advantageous to use the "Airport Shuttle" operated by Tousan Koutsu!

    【WhContinue reading
  • Toy rental☆

    Support your travel with children!
    Utazu Grand Hotel has started toy rental service!
    If you offer at the front desk, we will rent it for frContinue reading
  • Grilled meat with grilled meat! ◆Calvi shop, Dai Fook◆

    It is 3 minutes by car from the hotel."Daifuku" on the premises of the all-weather amusement facility "Play Park Gold Tower" is a popular yaContinue reading
  • If you use the train please get off at Utazu station!

    If you come to Utazu Grand Hotel by train, get off at Utazu Station.
    When you leave the station North Exit, Utazu VIVLE appears to the frontContinue reading
  • Access from expressway!

    【Shikoku Expressway / Takamatsu Expressway: Sakaide IC】
    →If you leave the toll booth and head for Marugame, you will come to National Route Continue reading
  • To those coming by car!

    For business or sightseeing, freedom is more convenient for cars, and there are times when it is convenient.
    The hotel is Sakaide-kita IC 5 Continue reading

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