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Surrounding Area·Access

◇ "," By car to the surrounding facilities, ""◇

 ●Seto Ohashi Commemorative Hall and Exhibition Space... 10 minutes by car
 ●Higashiyama Kaii Art Museum... 10 minutes by car
 ●Play Park Gold Tower... 5 minutes by car
 ●Sakaide Country... 30 minutes by car
 ●Marugame Stadium... 20 minutes by car
 ●Marugame Castle... 20 minutes by car
 ●NEW REOMA WORLD... 40 minutes by car
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Hotel Name

Utazu Grand Hotel


22-1 Hamasambancho, Utazu Town, Ayauta County, Kagawa Prefecture

Telephone number



10 minutes by car from Sakaide IC, 6 minutes by car from Sakaide-kita IC. 5 minutes by car from JR Utazu Station.

We will respond to consultation concerning the transfer of groups (more than 20 people).Please contact us.
  • Surrounding tour guide

    There are plenty of other interesting sightseeing spots!

    In the hotel lobby we have a comprehensive brochure of sightseeing information around Kagawa prefecture as well as of the surrounding area.

    There are also many pamphlets of uidon shops in Kagawa prefecture.
  • By car

    ●About 7 to 8 minutes by car to JR Utazu Station
    ●Approximately 50 minutes by car to Takamatsu Airport
    ●7 minutes by car to Sakaide-kita IC (for Honshu) / 15 minutes by car to Sakaide IC

     ■Access method 1: Tokyo
      Seto Chuo Expressway - Sakaide-kita IC -Exit and go 3 km to Sanuki Hamakaido Marugame Direction.

     ■Access method 2: Osaka
      Seto Expressway - Sakaide IC - Marugame towards Marugame and LAWSON angle light turn right.Turn right on the Sanuki Hamakaido, 200 meters.

  • ■Marugame·Sakaide·Airport Limousine Bus■, Kotosan Bus

    高 21:30 departures from Takamatsu Airport will not be handled at Ayagawa Station, but we will handle alighting.

    ※The time stated in the timetable is the standard hourly hour.Please understand beforehand that there may be some delays due to traffic conditions.
    (For Marugame · Sakaide you may depart Takamatsu Airport at maximum 15 minutes late depending on the arrival time of the flight.
    However, flights departing from Takamatsu Airport 21:30 may depart from Takamatsu Airport with a delay of up to 60 minutes depending on the arrival time of the flight.)

    ※Takamatsu Airport Line, Marugame and Sakaide Line can not be used between Marugame and Sakaide stations.
  • ■Takamatsu Airport, Shuttle flight■, Tousan Koutsu

    ★, Reservation system, Takamatsu Airport, Boarding Limousine Bus, ★
    【, Tousan Koutsu, 】
    For reservations: Tel: 0120-13-5024 / 0877-22-1112

    ●Charge, ¥ 1,700 / 1 person(Adult(s))

    ●This airport shuttle flight will be a taxi.

    ●When making a reservation, we will ask you for your flight number, departure / arrival time, name, number of people, address, and contact information.

    ●This airport shuttle service is a complete reservation system.Please make reservations by phone by Takamatsu area on the day before boarding by 14:00, in the Marugame area until 12:00.

    ●This airport shuttle service can not specify your time.We will specify from you.

    ●If you can not fulfill the operation plan due to delays in arrival and other unavoidable reasons, it will be delayed for up to 30 minutes.Also, if no one guest arrives, we wait 30 minutes from scheduled departure time and then forward it.